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The Edwin J Dean MD LLC Medical Wellness Center is located in at 501 Goodlette Rd Suite D -306 in Naples Florida 34102. Consultation by appointment only. 239-263-0014.

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I have posted a few videos for your entertainment as well as a short description of what we do.

With the right tools, knowledge, and a proactive approach you can look and feel like and have the vitality of someone years younger.
In addition to improving the quality of your life you can lengthen your longevity and reduce your health care costs.

We provide those tools, the knowledge and the approach.
We will show you the shortcuts, tricks and "low hanging fruit" so that you can simply live well - fast.

Let's get started:

Hi, Dr Ed Dean here.

Let's keep this simple.
I am going to tell you the one thing that you need to understand and two things you need to do to get healthy and stay healthy making your health and wellness simple and obtainable.

The advantage is this: understanding this may help you make hundreds of better health choices every day – big and small, conscious and unconscious, resulting in improved measures of health (weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, to name a few) with improved appearance, energy and zest, improved mood and performance, increased longevity and lower healthcare costs.

In this video I'm going to show you some simple actionable health tips that may help you improve your health.

This isn't individual medical advice. Please consult your doctor before changing any routines, regimens, medications or diets. Rather, I will show you what I “discovered” and how it changed my life and that of many of my patients.

WARNING: This simple knowledge may change your life.

Oh no! Not another boring lecture on eating your vegetables and exercise… or complicated diets.

No. Although these do have their merits, this is just one thing you need to understand and there are two things you need to do. Everything else should fall into place.


First, you need to understand the SUPER 80/1 rule of health.

Let’s take a step back and introduce the “Pareto Principle” or the “80/20” rule. Pareto was an Italian who lived in the 1800s and “discovered” that in many areas of life 20% of the effort produced 80% of the results.

He found that in many circumstances 20% of farmland produced 80% of the crops. This concept has been applied across many areas of life. For example 20% of customers often lead to 80% of the sales. There's nothing magical about the 80/20 ratio. In fact, often times, 10% of the effort leads to 90% of the results.

In medicine there is a Super Pareto Principle, or the 80/1 rule of health. There is one disease that leads to 80% of preventable illness.

Understanding this may help you make hundreds of better health choices every day – big and small, conscious and unconscious.

Here is why there is this 80/1 rule. Every one of your 100 trillion cells is dependent on this system to deliver oxygen and nutrients and remove waste every second and every minute of your life.

Dysfunction of this system causes decay and decline of every part of your body – your brain, skin, eyes, kidneys, liver, etc. - without a healthy system, there would be an overall decline in function and health.

BUT here is the good news – the disease is largely preventable!

Taking care of this disease with simple strategies can increase your energy, quality of life and longevity, while reducing risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, memory loss, loss of libido and sexual function in addition to many other diseases (including many cancers).

The disease is cardiovascular disease – the progressive dysfunction of the entire system – not just the heart.

Yeah, yeah, yeah that's all about the heart. No! Pay attention! Read the last line again. If you don’t “GET” this, you will not start making hundreds of better decisions.

It's ALL about the system that brings life-sustaining essence and support to every cell in your body.

Yes, the heart is the center showpiece, but it really is the whole system that is important. You have to think of the cardiovascular system as including the entire body and problems anywhere means problems everywhere.

Is cardiovascular disease common?

Yes! 98 -- 99% (almost everybody by my math) of men and women show evidence of significant disease on their heart CT scans by the age of 75. 40% will directly die (80% indirectly? – hey, it’s the 80/1 rule again) from this disease, and 80% will have a major illness or procedure related to this disease – pretty grim numbers. Yet it is largely preventable with simple measures.

Hey, folks. People sometimes think I am a heart doctor. No, I am just a health opportunist looking for the simplest strategies to improve health and longevity. I can tell you that after 25+ years of practicing medicine, tactics to uncover and treat this one entity hold the “biggest payoff”, “bang for your buck”, “low hanging fruit” in regards to health.

Complacency, or “doing nothing”, promotes disease which may progress initially unnoticed (at a rate of 30% or more per year! Yikes!), with a gradual, ever increasing decline in all aspects of your life. Like a snowball rolling down a hill it picks up speed and size until a catastrophic event or it stops at the rock bottom of the hill.

I want you to be a health opportunist too.

So let’s cut to the chase - here are the two simple strategies for health and wellness.
Do these two things and you will be well on your way to looking great and feeling better with increased energy, quality of life, physical and sexual function, mood and memory, just to name a few.

1. Improve your body composition.
This means losing weight and fat and building muscle so that your body mass index or BMI is 20 to 25, and body fat composition is 15 to 20% for men and 20 to 25% for women. This will improve your outward appearance and inner health.

2. "Look Inside" your Body.
Do the right test to “look inside” your body and make sure your cardiovascular system is healthy and not at risk. Often there are silent abnormalities which can be corrected, improving your inward appearance. Most people have no idea what their inward appearance is or don't do the right tests to “see”. Everyone should consider taking proactive steps to assess the risk and status on a periodic basis.

In video 2 I will show you how to show you a jumpstart your weight loss. And why fat doctors don't lie.

In video 3 I will show you the tests you need to look inside your body, and one test I believe everyone over the age of 40 should have (but most does not).

In video 4 I will show you some advanced strategies, then you will see why 70 is the new 50 and 50 is the new 30.

Hope this helps.

Talk soon.

Dr. ED

The above information is for general knowledge and is not meant to be individual medical advice. Please consult your doctor before changing your diet, activities or medication. Please read all the Disclaimers below.

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