Does Your Diet and Supplements Provide You Nutients For Health? Find Out.

In 25 years of practicing medicine I never recommended a multivitamin or took one on a regular basis because I never thought they were needed. Foods were fortified with them I reasoned. I now see things very differently. In fact, I believed my diet to be healthy but was surprised on testing to discovered some deficiencies. Without testing I would not known or set out to correct.

New technology allows nutritional assessment in ways not possible before.

The Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner (as seen on the Dr. Oz Show) allows rapid assessment of antioxidant levels that I believe correlates in many to overall nutritional status. This has become my "nutritional vital sign" machine.

Spectra Cell testing methodology measures micronutrient levels inside the cells as a measure of functional levels or deficiencies and is one of the most comprehensive nutrient tests available.

Both of these are available at my Medical Wellness Center as well as supplement and nutritonal guidance.

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We are what we eat. Get tested and make sure you are all that you can be.